28 December, 2011

The Book

The purpose of this blog is to document the update history of the Sabah Snake Grass - Saved from Cancer book.

Sabah Snake Grass is a plant found in Malaysia, that has the medical properties that can eliminate inflammation related illness, includes cancer. It gains its popularity since 2009 when a patient who was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer miraculously cured by this plant with apple juice. It has become more popular when local newspaper published the news, and more people claimed that they were cured with the same recipe.

Since the discussion of the plant mainly done in Chinese, people who does not understand the language were left out. I have decided to translate the information to English to help my wife to understand the discussion better, so that she can help her sister who were diagnosed with breast cancer. Since the translation has been done, so it is just a matter of republish it in a proper format and I can share with more people.

My translation is no where near perfect and this book will definitely filled with grammatical error or using a wrongly selected word. Please provide your feedback by posting a reply to the post so that I can improvise the book for a more pleasant reading.

This book is being published in PDF format so that it can be printed in a comfortable manner.


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