03 January, 2012

Share your testimonials

To encourage the usage of Sabah Snake Grass as a remedy, I have learned that past user experience actually helps in promoting the use of the plant among new users as it kinds of instill the believe that if they can be helped by this plant, so can I. No doubt some of us turned to Sabah Snake Grass because there is no other known way of curing the disease and hopefully a miracle will happen, but the growing community of Sabah Snake Grass users also proven that this plant do have its mysterious power against the big C.

From the discussion that I have read (in Mandarin), I am fully convince that this plant has a very high success rate but I would not bet that it will give a 100% as there are other influencing factors exists. This include the doses, when was the juice being taken (it is recommended to consume immediately after the juice is prepared) and also the patient's acceptance and tolerance level. This is especially crucial during the healing effect period as the pain may not be bearable and keeps one wonder if this really works.

The answer to the question is, YES. Keep it up and you should be able to win this battle.

For this purpose, I am seeking for your sharing, on your experience using this plant. The sharing will be posted to the discussion thread as well as be included in the future edition of this book for the benefit of others. You can talk about your fear, pain, and doubt about the plant, as well as the success story that you get from the plant. This is completely voluntary and the story should be genuine.

Thanks for reading and keep the spirit up high.


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